Procedural storytelling

Procedural Storytelling: AI could craft personalized narratives based on player choices and actions, creating a more engaging and variable storyline that aligns with player preferences and actions.

  • This would be useful for serious games. There’s something called “procedural rhetoric”, where a person convinces you of something by letting you act it out. It’s like when your Mom lets you touch the hot stove – you’ll learn not to touch it, much quicker than you would have if she’d told you.
  • A while ago, they made a persuasive game like this called “Peacemaker” about the Israel-Palestine conflict. The game’s only winnable if you choose peace over war. The point is to convince you, through gameplay, that the Israel-Palestine conflict should be resolved peacefully.
    • It’s a cool game and free on mobile.
    • Peacemaker, a mobile game
  • I could see autogenerated storylines being useful for convincing people of things. AI has the ability to be highly persuasive – personalized games could be an extension of that.

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